Part 4: Is Your Child Safe? Heat Injuries

"Nearly all of the causes of death in sport are influenced by the care [provided] in the first five to seven minutes." (Ref) Heat Injuries "We don't cancel practice because of the heat." Football Coach "What's your policy on players practicing when it's extremely hot in the summer? Well, we have no policy on that...." Deputy Director Arkansas Activities Association which oversees all high school activities in the state. Two high school football players were practicing the same day in the summer of 2010. It was one of the hottest summers on record in Arkansas. Despite the heat, high school football teams across the state were practicing. On Friday the 13th of August, the heat index in Little

Part 3: Is Your Child Safe? Sudden Cardiac Death

"Nearly all of the causes of death in sport are influenced by the care [provided] in the first five to seven minutes." (Ref) Sudden Cardiac Death The National Institute of Health states that rapid treatment of sudden cardiac arrest with an AED "can be lifesaving." (Ref) Yet, just “19 states in the U.S. require that at least some of their schools have automated external defibrillators.” (Ref) The Current State of U.S. AED Laws including the AED Law Report Card states, "Organizations are typically better off focusing their energies on designing AED programs that fit their needs and striving for AED program operational excellence rather than worrying about the laws and the lawyers. In a nutshel

Part 2: Is Your Child Safe? Concussions

"Nearly all of the causes of death in sport are influenced by the care [provided] in the first five to seven minutes." (Ref) Concussions There are concussion laws in all 50 states. Most are named for an injured or deceased student-athlete (Ref). The Zurich 2012 Consensus Statement states, “Concussion is considered to be among the most complex injuries in sports medicine to diagnose, assess and manage.” The statement goes on to say, “At present, there is no perfect diagnostic test or marker that clinicians can rely on for an immediate diagnosis of concussion in the sporting environment. Because of this evolving process, it is not possible to rule out concussion when an injury event occurs ass

Nutrition for the Youth Athlete

“The foods and drinks that players choose to consume can affect how they perform in sport and help them to stay fit and healthy. All players should choose foods wisely to help achieve their goals in sport." F-MARC Nutrition for Football The British Journal of Sports Medicine says, "Food is composed of six basic substance: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Each one of these has specific function in providing nourishment for the body. For the sportsman, it is of critical importance to recognise what each does to his body under the physical, mental and emotional strains of competition." (Emphasis is ours) Source The internet and book stores are filled with books and a

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