Spine Injuries

Spine injuries can be deceptive. Even to the most highly trained medical professional, it may not appear that the athlete is seriously injured. The athlete may even be able to get up and even walk off the field. As with all sports injuries, the decisions made in the minutes immediately after the injury can determine the outcome. In this instance, an athlete was tackled, experienced an inability to move for a few seconds, and then "was able to move his legs and roll over onto his back." This athlete was attended to by a volunteer physician who was covering the game. The physician "attended to the athlete immediately on the field and evaluated him for approximately 15 minutes." "The physician

Part 6: A Solution: When Hoping and Praying is Simply Not Enough

So, mom and dad, are you really willing to let a completely untrained, unprepared coach make a determination as to whether or not your child should go back into the game? In other words, would you EVER drop your kids off at a public pool knowing there was no lifeguard on duty? No!Then why do you drop off your kids at the sports fields without the knowledge that someone could take care of them if they got injured? The NFHS says, "We wish we would not have to report another death in high school sports. That goal starts with continuing our efforts to minimize risk for the 12 million participants in high school activity programs." (Ref) As Zach Lystadt’s dad says, “if there is no accountability,

Part 5: Is Your Child Safe? League Sports

Twice as many kids participate in league sports as compared to high school sports. High School Sports Participation - over 7 million youth athletes League Sports Participation - 20 to 40 million youth athletes By and large, league sports have no sports safety training requirements for coaches. NONE! No ATCs, no education for coaches, and not even a sports physical is required for participation. Here is a story about a youth soccer player who was saved thanks to several bystanders in the stands. Neither coach knew what to do! There was no plan and neither coach was properly trained or prepared! Read here. Virtually no league implements an Emergency Action Plan. Some schools have one on a webp

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