4 Characteristics of a Good Concussion Clinic

Canadian Concussion Collaborative Identifies Characteristics of Good Concussion Clinics. The first sentence of the guide states: "This guide is designed to help people who have persistent symptoms of a concussion (symptoms that are not clearly improving after a period of seven to 10 days) find a good concussion clinic." What happened to the first 24 - 72 hours post "possible" concussion? Is this not the most important time period during which to receive professional medical advice? See Your Athlete Was Removed For a Possible Concussion Now What? The first question states: Does the clinic have a medical doctor? We lobby for ATCs to be on the sidelines and make critical care decisions in argua

The Lack of Preparedness in Youth Sports

An excellent editorial was written in the Des Moines Register entitled "What's missing from too many high school football sidelines" Here is our submission to the Register. A recent editorial discussed the lack of preparedness in high school football. What most parents do not realize is the same lack of preparedness is the reality in almost all youth (leagues and clubs, ages 5 – 14) sports. These leagues and clubs either have not sideline medical coverage a priority, do not have the financial resources, or both. The unfortunate attitude is “it won’t happen to us” or “we’ve got it covered.” Some questions for parents: Why is a “sports physical” required for high school sports, but not youth s

Football Safety Standards

Coach details Bozeman High football's safety standards TeamSafe™ comments: We need more than simply a “concussion program.” We are stuck in a vicious cycle: Lack of preparedness (“It won’t happen to us” “We’ve got it covered”) → On-field injury → Poor decision Making (before, during, after injury) → Horrible outcome (death) → Lawsuit (blame, blame, blame; takes years with huge emotional and financial cost) → State Law named after Child (½ of laws do not apply to youth sports non-school organizations and other half provide no implementation system for youth sports organization – emergency contact/medical information, injury documentation, decision communication, vigilant supervision ) → Rep

More ominous signs for high school football

"Dr. Steve Horwitz, a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic medical staff and the founder of an organization called TeamSafe, cast doubt on administrators’ claims that football is safer than ever because of increased concussion concerns. He wrote: “63 percent of public high schools and 78 percent of private high schools lack even one full-time athletic trainer. ... Most schools do not have an Emergency Action Plan and those that do either do not have it posted, do not practice it, or both. … “Parents simply drop their kids off at practice without asking the crucial question, ‘Is this coach prepared to handle an on-field medical emergency?’ “(While) ‘state law mandates that all programs adhere to c

VoyageDallas - Meet TeamSafe™

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. In 1989 I offered to provide medical coverage for a youth track and field meet with 700 kids. I was the only medical provider at the event. Boy, was I in for a shock. I showed up with my black “Marcus Welby” doctor’s bag and was woefully unprepared for the onslaught of injuries and questions from parents and coaches. It quickly taught me to get rid of the black bag and purchase a real trainer’s kit. It also taught me how unprepared the administrators, coaches, and parents were for medical emergencies. That year I was invited to become an instructor for a course called C


YOUR CHILD DOES NOT HAVE A CONCUSSION. HE CAN RETURN TO PLAY. "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND" as Lee Corso would say. A father, an athlete, head coach of a select football powerhouse in North Texas, former D-I NCAA football player of The Miami Hurricanes, and Integrative Board Certified Pediatrician with expertise in biomedical solutions for acute and chronic disease, I have "boots on the ground" in the athletic and medical arena. This is not some CDC health official or medical official who has no idea or construct of where the "the athlete" is created and the "no-cost" attitude that many of us have to be great. For us in the elite athletic arena, we have dreams and aspirations of being great. We wa

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