Communication and Preparation = Injury Risk Mitigation

Here are three stories in the last week are examples of the lack of preparedness in youth sports. 9-Year-Old Boy Dies After Soccer Goal Post Collapses In Hell’s Kitchen School “A 9-year-old boy died Sunday after a soccer goal post collapsed at a school in Hell’s Kitchen, fatally striking him in the head.” “Tommaso was playing soccer with a youth church group at the school when a goal post collapsed on him — hitting him in the head and crushing his skull.” Shrewsbury youth football coach suspended for putting hurt player in game "The local American Youth Football association has been placed on probation and one of its coaches suspended after a 10-year-old player was put back in a game after a

The NFL Concussion Protocol

See the NFL Concussion Protocol here. Let’s get some clarity and wade through all the jargon. If a player exhibits or reports symptoms or signs suggestive of a concussion or stinger, the player is removed and the sideline assessment is performed. Yet, during the sideline assessment (performed minutes later) the player assessment becomes magically “normal” and the video becomes “benign” and thus the player may be returned. Huh? One more time – a player’s signs and symptoms, observed or reported, caused someone to call for the player’s removal. Under the Wizard of Oz tent, these same signs and symptoms, observed and reported minutes earlier, somehow don’t count? The protocol states “if any ele

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