Concussion Confusion

Follow our Twitter Feed:@teamsafesports Follow the hashtag: #concussionconfusion "This issue is clouded not only by the lack of data, but also by confusion in definition and terminology. " Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport During the Super Bowl it was reported that Brandin Cooks suffered a "head injury," but Patrick Cooks suffered a "concussion". Days prior, Gronk was released from “the protocol” and the NFL announced that it added on-site concussion spotters for the Super Bowl. You have a child in youth sports. What does this all mean? Let’s look at the concussion issue from the perspective of the youth athlete, their parents and coaches, and youth sports organizations in which the

Let's Break the Cycle

Lack of Preparation. An On-Field Injury Occurs. Poor Decision Making occurs because of this lack of preparation. There is a horrible outcome. A lawsuit ensues. A state law is written and maybe a foundation is formed. Yet, we do not learn so this cycle repeats.

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