The TeamSafe​® Report #10

The Heat ... it's coming. Are you prepared? The heat of summer is just around the corner. Please watch: Zach Martin Memorial Foundation Cold Water Therapy Video Some questions to ask: 1. Does the organization have ice baths field side at practices and games? 2. Does the organization provide the medical history of each athlete to the coach and is it accessible from their phone? Read more....

​TeamSafe®Sports Report #9: Youth Sports Specialization

Should a child focus on just one sport? Experts in this area agree that playing only one sport from an early age might not be the best for a child for several reasons. Increased risk of injury. Many studies point to higher numbers and severity of injuries in specialized youth athletes. Failure to develop other sports skills. Playing multiple sports allows the athlete to gain... Read the full report .

TeamSafe​®Sports Report #8: Are You Sure? Really Sure?

Scenario #1 A 16 year old soccer player went up for a header and collided head to head with another player. After the collision, he remained motionless for seconds, began conversing shortly thereafter, yet walked off the field under his own power. He “passed” a “sideline examination” and was returned to play! So coach, are you sure about that decision? Read on....

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