​The TeamSafe® Report #16: Sickle Cell Trait

"Just what exactly is a sickle cell trait? People who inherit one sickle cell gene and one normal gene have sickle cell trait. That's compared to people who inherit one sickle cell gene from each parent, who may get sickle cell anemia, the most severe form of sickle cell disease. People with the trait usually do not have the symptoms of sickle cell disease, but they might experience complications of the disease, such as pain crises, which occur when the sickled cell becomes stuck in the blood vessel, causing painful swelling. In rare cases, people with the trait can face harm when they're dehydrated, in an atmosphere with increased pressure - like when scuba diving - or when they are in area

The TeamSafe​® Report #15 Best-Practices Safety Checklist for Youth Sports Organizations

When we drop our kids at a youth sports game or practice we trust that these organizations are responsible for the health and safety of our kids. However, the events of the last two weeks certainly bring this into question. See below. We have designed a simple checklist for both organizations AND parents to review. 1. Facility Safety 2. Coach Training 3. Emergency Action Plan 4. Incident and Situation Specific Protocols 5. Emergency Equipment 6. Parent & Athlete Responsibilities (Preparticipation Exam, Daily Readiness, Physical Preparedness) 7. Emergency Contact & Medical Information available fieldside 8. A Communication, Documentation, & Oversight System to keep all stakeholders on the sam

Heat Injuries Can Be Deadly. Here's How to Recognize, Treat and Prevent Them

Heat injuries are a serious issue, particularly for athletes. Let's look at some key facts: "There's no excuse for any number of heat stroke deaths, since they are all preventable with the proper precautions." (Ref) "The most important factor in the treatment of EHS [exertional heat stroke] is the timeliness of rapid cooling, preferably performed on site by whatever means available." (Ref) Acclimate to the heat over a two-week period. Note: being acclimated does not mean being conditioned (fit for playing sports). Conditioning is a separate process that takes months. The athlete must be weighed at the beginning and end of each day of training. Greater than a 2% body weight loss is significan

The TeamSafe​® Report #14: A New Model for Student-Athlete Care

"Kansas Athletics is collaborating with The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health to launch Kansas Team Health, a new model of care that makes the resources of The University of Kansas Health System and LMH Health available to provide the best care possible for KU student-athletes, and clearly establishes the responsibility of care with medical professionals while minimizing potential conflicts of interest between coaches and sports medicine staff. This new model transitions approximately 40 sports medicine staff – including physicians, athletic trainers, nutritionists, wellness coordinators and, most notably, strength and conditioning coaches – from Kansas Athletics to The Unive

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