TeamSafe®Sports Coach Sports Safety Certification Course

Injuries are an inevitable part of playing sports.

And some can be quite serious. Brain injuries (concussions), heat stroke, sudden cardiac arrest are only some of the injuries that can occur. 


Your child's safety and health - there is nothing more important.

Read what John Doherty, ATC, PT has to say about athletic trainers in youth sports:

"...there is one athletic trainer present in the typical high school building who can provide care to your child. Drop a level to junior high, though, and coverage becomes much thinner; and at schools that have such services, it is largely limited to football. Move younger to youth sports, such as Little League, Pop Warner, and CYO, and athletic trainers are essentially non-existent. {emphasis added}"

So who is responsible for your child's safety when you drop them off? Your child's coach. And in all fairness to the coach, unless he/she is a trained medical professional, can you really expect them to know what to do in an emergency?


The first 5 minutes - before the ambulance arrives

Our course covers the "what to do" and "how to do it" during those critical 5 - 10 minutes before the ambulance arrives. Our intent is not to make your coach a doctor and teach your coach how to diagnose, so our course is not filled with unnecessary terminology. 



Real life video shows how accurate decisions can have a huge effect on the outcome of an on-the-field injury emergency.

For the Coach

The value of our course is enhanced by utilizing our App while you are on the side-lines. Knowing which of your athletes has a medical condition or needs a medication is critical information you need to take the right action and to provide to EMS. And our concussion management system makes it clear to all involved when and why to remove an athlete and when it is safe to return. 

For the Organization

Can you quickly and easily inform all your coaches of your education requirements? Can you document if your coaches completed a course? Even if you can (we have found few organizations which can), how much administrative time do you send collecting and organizing this information? When you use our platform in seconds you can select your education requirements, inform your coaches, give them access to the course, and include a completion date. No administrative help is needed. Your coaches then complete the course, receive a completion email, take an image of that email and upload it into the TeamSafe®Sports app, and that's it! On the web portal the admin has access to the coach and course information.

National Library of Medicine

All material provided is fully referenced using peer reviewed journals from the National Library of Medicine database. We update the course as new studies and guidelines become available.


The course can be completed on any device including your phone. Once complete the coach receives a certificate and the organization receives documentation.

The Course is FREE!

The course is part of our platform for all the coaches in the organizations who use TeamSafe®Sports. Parents can take the course for free too if your organization uses TeamSafe®Sports! Email us at, put the name of your organization in the Subject Line and we will send you a link!


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