Athlete Injury Response and Risk Management System

TeamSafe®Sports is a mobile, real-time sports safety system for your sports league, school, or club! Create a culture of safety and mitigate risk!

Emergency Contacts for each player

  • No searching your phone's contact list and trying to remember last names.

  • And no more paper (legibility, storage, accessibility)!

Emergency Medical Information for each player

  • No need to carry 4 x 6 cards or notebooks of information!

  • Does the athlete require an EpiPen® or asthma inhaler?

  • Did the parent(s) provide consent for the coach to carry and/or administer the EpiPen® or inhaler?

  • Does the organization have this consent documented ... for each medication?

  • Did the parents provide instructions on how to use it, the proper dose?

  • Information may be updated at any time and moves with athlete from league to league or sport to sport and year to year.

  • No re-entering of your athlete's information is necessary. Your athlete's information moves with them from organization to organization. You just need to update it when necessary.

  • In these situations, decisive action is critical ... seconds matter. 

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 

  • Each coach creates a team specific EAP by following our easy to use template.

    • Who provides on-field injury care? Who manages the rest of the team?

    • Who calls 9-1-1? Who meets the ambulance?

    • Where is the AED? Do you have one?

    • Who travels with the injured athlete if they are transported?

Concussion Management and Communication System

  • TeamSafe®Sports is not just another concussion symptom recorder.

  • Parent-Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

    • Did the parent and athlete provide attestation and is this documented?

  • Remove From Play decision criteria are established, documented, and notification of this decision is sent real time to all involved - parents, coaches, administrators

    • What signs/triggers/symptoms do you look for?

    • Can you document the signs you notice in a few seconds while you are on the field? And the date, time, and person who removed the player?

    • Who removes the athlete from play?

  • Return To Play decision criteria are established and documented. Notification of this decision is sent real time to all involved - parents, coaches, administrators

    • Who determines when the athlete can return to play?

    • Where is the doctor's note? What is the date on the note?

    • Does the administrator have oversight to ensure compliance and validate authenticity of the note?

  • The entire process is managed centrally and tracked and recorded. 

  • If the athlete plays more than one sport or participates in another league/school, the process is visible to both organizations. 


Coach and Parent Sports Safety Education

  • This is a big one. Who has the time or the money?

  • We have the only fully referenced, most up to date course available for the lay person. We also provide parents and athletes with education upon registering.

  • The TeamSafe®Sports Youth Sports Safety Certification can be completed on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.

  • The organization selects a required date of completion.

  • Each coach is notified via the app, completes the online course. Voila! Everything is automated, organized, and documented.


Emergency Care Center

  • CPR Instructions

  • AED Instructions

  • Choking (Heimlich maneuver) instructions

  • How to Use an EpiPen®, Asthma Inhaler

  • What to do for bleeding, a broken bone, a heat injury, a seizure, a lost tooth, a spine injury

  • What to do in hazardous weather and much more!

Can you really put a price on the priceless?