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Getting Started - How Does My Organization Implement TeamSafe®Sports?

1. The head administrator sends us the organization's database via an Excel or CSV file. This database is then uploaded to the TeamSafe®Sports system. 

a. If your organization is a school - please watch: How To Upload Your Database - School (3:49).

b. If your organization is a league/club - please watch: How To Upload Your Database - League/Club (5:34)

c. If you are comfortable working with Excel and CSV files, please enter your organization's information in our CSV template.

d. If not, no problem. Just send us your database and we will do the entry for you!

2. Please sign the 


​3. All parents and coaches will receive an email stating that an account has been created for them. Each parent and coach will download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store and Click on I HAVE AN ACCOUNT. The organization will pay for TeamSafe®Sports once we have the complete registration numbers (total number of athletes). We will send an invoice via Square or PayPal.

5. The parent or coach enters their email address (user name) and the system generated password from the email.

6. That's it! The parent or coach then continues to enter the specific information requested in the app. See the FAQ page for video instructions for Parents, Coaches, and Administrators.

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