Sports Safety Education

Below are options for online safety education courses for your organization. They are all free! You select which courses you are going to require for each coach and/or official.


Add the course via your Admin Web portal. Simply cut and paste the link to the course in the box.

Your coaches/officials receive notification that the courses you select are mandatory. Certificates of completion are available to be documented for the following courses:

Brain Injury - Concussion

Heat Injury 

Sudden Cardiac Death 

CPR Certification

Below are additional education resources that you may want to provide for coaches and parents - no certificates are available, but the information is free:

Emergency Action Plan


CPR Education (CPR certification requires a live course)

Asthma Action Plan

How do I use an Epinephrine Auto Injector like EpiPen®?



Dental Injuries

Female Athlete


Sickle Cell Trait


Skin Infections

Spine Injuries

Hazardous Weather