Youth Sports: Reality Strikes

The year of 2016 was a tough one for youth sports.

11 - Saline wrestler dies following medical emergency after school 12/10/16

"Estrada became unresponsive after school on Friday while preparing for wrestling practice, and his teammates quickly contacted staff. EMS arrived at the scene, and then Estrada was transported to the University of Michigan Hospital"

10 - Joshua player dies after seizure at JV football game in Cleburne 11/04/16

“There wasn’t a major hit. There’s wasn’t anything major,” Walker said. “You could see the young man walked off the field. The young man came over and talked to their trainer and said he had a headache.”

9 - Spot Valley High basketball player dies 11/04/16

“Saymar Ramsey, a member of the Spot Valley High basketball team, collapsed and died on his way home from playing in an ISSA/Western Conference Under-19 game against Cornwall College in Montego Bay, St James, on Friday …. a post-mortem examination said he died of a heart failure.”

8 - Clements High School student dies after competing in swim meet 10/15/16

“When it was happening, I don't think a lot of people knew. I think they wanted to keep it so nobody was like freaking out," Emily Miranda said. "When it did happen, it was very quiet and you could just really hear them crying."

7 - Euclid High School football player dies after sustaining injury from Friday night game 9/25/16

“Euclid High School junior, Andre Jackson, died Sunday after he sustained an injury during the school's game against Solon High School.”

He died of a lacerated small intestine.

6 - St George’s footballer dies after collapsing during match 9/21/16

“A mere two minutes after the referee’s whistle signaled the opening of yesterday’s Manning Cup encounter between St George’s College and Excelsior High School, young Dominic James, captain of the ‘Light Blues’, collapsed on the Stadium East field.”

5 - Brandon Ries, Peak to Peak cross country co-captain, collapses at meet, dies 9/18/16

“According to the school, Brandon was competing in the 5k when he collapsed on the course. He was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, where he later died with his family at his side.”

4 - Shadow Creek High School football player dies after game 9/10/16

“Chase Lightfoot, a junior right tackle, suffered health-related complications and collapsed on the field in the second half of the game.”

3 - Orange County middle-school football player dies 8/26/16

“An Orange County middle-school student died Friday, four days after collapsing at football practice.” “The eighth-grade student, Frederick Seymour, 13, was hospitalized shortly after practice Monday, according to the family’s GoFundMe page. He suffered a severe asthma attack, according to a 911 call.”

2 - Lewis Simpkins stumbled during River Bluff’s practice before collapsing 8/12/16

“The 14-year-old sophomore made it through practice, but stumbled near the end. Lewis’ teammates helped him back up. The coach told him to relax and catch his breath, while the rest of the team continued “up-down” drills, Hill said.” “Lewis walked off the field with two coaches and made it to the locker room, where he collapsed, Hill said.”

Update 9/6/16 - Heart condition, heat combined to kill River Bluff football player, coroner says

“A 14-year-old who collapsed and died after an August varsity football practice at River Bluff High School in Lexington County died of a pre-existing heart condition exacerbated by the heat that afternoon.” “Fisher identified the pre-existing heart conditions as cardiomegaly and “severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.”

1 - Student collapses during Page High School football workout, later dies 6/15/16

“A 14-year-old student collapsed during a summer football workout….” “Karson Cross was at the workout -- the first workout of the summer -- which began at 5 p.m. Monday. “ “The heat restrictions come in when the temperature and humidity get extremely high. Monday was not a day that… the temperature was somewhere 85 or 86 or 87 degrees depending on where you were in Guilford County. The relative humidity was down around 25 to 26%.” He said those numbers are the low end of anything that would generally cause concern.

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