Can leagues and school systems continue to rely on "chance and luck?"

Attorney Alan Goldberger discusses this highly charged issue on this podcast:

Attorney Addresses Concussions in Pro, College and Youth Sports - Episode # 114

19:51 "I see more claims coming down in the near future and I see more confusion until situations shake out and people understand that you can't rely on volunteers, but you need to rely on trained functionaries to coach and especially to referee...."

"I hate to say the worst is yet to come, but I think we're still feeling our way."

17:50 “On the youth sports level where you have more dependency on volunteers and less access to medical care on site and "people who really are running the program who may not be aware of the import and the gravity of the exposure that young students have, it's even worse."

"It is a national and wide spread rather discouraging problem for sport and we're trying to make inroads, but people need to understand that pamphlets won't do it and laws are not a panacea that if you have a law that all of a sudden magically everything will be OK. Somebody has to know when to have the child taken out and evaluated or the whole thing breaks down."

19:10 "On a national level or even on a statewide level, the people who govern sports can't really be assured that the people who are actually present and coaching, officiating or administrating the particular event will know what to do unless they have developed policies and protocols and mechanics that people who are involved might actually utilize."

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