TeamSafe®Sports Receives Community Grant Award from the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma


December 18, 2018


Dr. Steven Horwitz



TeamSafe®Sports Receives Community Grant Award from the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma


Dallas, Texas, December 18, 2018 – TeamSafe®Sports is proud to announce that it has been awarded a grant in the amount of $5000.00 from the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma. The grant will support the evaluation of an athlete injury response and risk management system for youth sports organizations.

The project will pilot a smartphone/tablet-based application built for parents, coaches, and youth sports administrators to facilitate and improve concussion and on-field injury reporting, on the field decision making (immediate removal from play), injury documentation, stakeholder communication, and administrator oversight to prevent aggressive return to play decisions.

“We all assume that when we drop off our children at practice that they will be safe, that there is a person present who knows what to do in an emergency medical situation. Unfortunately, this is not the case in youth sports. We know there are millions youth sports concussions occurring every year, that returning a player too soon impedes the healing process, and that a second concussion before the first one is healed can be devasting,” says Dr. Steve Horwitz, founder of TeamSafe®Sports.

“Our secure platform allows parents to provide and make available accurate information about their children to coaches while the kids are on the field. It will educate coaches and guide the on-field decision making process. Finally, it will provide administrators with the real-time communication and oversight necessary to follow the process carefully. It puts everyone on the same page at the same time.”

The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma awards community grants through a competitive application and review process that support the mission to discover and share the best ways to prevent and treat severe injuries in children.

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About TeamSafe®Sports

In 2014 a sports parent and sports injury care professional had had enough. Over 30 years on the sidelines of youth sports made three underappreciated facts ring clear:

1. In youth sports, our kids ages 5 – 14, there are rarely sideline medical staff.

2. "Nearly all of the causes of death in sport are influenced by the care [provided] in the first five to seven minutes."

3. Parents and coaches are woefully unprepared to respond effectively to these emergencies.

After years of development and testing, TeamSafe®Sports was created for lay coaches and parents. TeamSafe®Sports is creating a network that provides coaches and parents immediate access to the lifesaving information, decision-making guidance, and real time communication necessary in those first 5 – 7 minutes. Post-injury oversight and return to play tracking is clearly reported to save an athlete from further injury and provide a risk management strategy for organizations. Additional information about the program can be found at or by calling 800-400-4995. On Twitter @Teamsafesports.

About the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma

Life threatening injury is the No. 1 killer of kids in America. Nearly 10,000 children lose their lives every year from serious injuries. In addition, almost 300,000 children are hospitalized and over 8 million children are treated in the emergency department for serious injuries each year, many of whom struggle with long-term recoveries and disabilities. It can happen anywhere, at any time, to any child. The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma discovers and shares the best ways to prevent and treat severe injuries in children. The Institute funds research, education and advocacy to help improve the care and treatment injured kids receive across the U.S. The Childress Institute was founded at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in 2008 through a generous gift from Richard and Judy Childress. Visit to learn more. On Twitter

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